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Bombshell Bombed

Charlize Theron does not disappoint. Her acting genius is obvious and she easily became Megyn Kelly in Bombshell, just as easily as when she slipped into serial killer Eileen Voorhees in Monster. And, of course, watching Margot Robbie, that otherworldly beauty, is always a treat.

Aside from the gorgeous, talented female leads, Bombshell was a disappointing movie, a poor dramatization of the real story. Journalists wrote more captivating articles about the sexual harassment perpetuated at Fox by Roger Ailes and various anchors than this movie portrayed. It is not enough to pluck a sensational news story, inject star power into it and call it a movie. There must be character and plot development, layering, conflict, crescendo, climax. Roger Ailes was a despicable character from the start. There was no toying with a moviegoer's emotions. We all knew how the story would end even if we never heard about it in the media.

The only interesting things to watch in this movie were the beautiful women and their beautiful legs, which highlighted their objectification and so we weren't supposed to enjoy. And as much as I love breaking the fourth wall, it didn't work here. Jay Roach could benefit from watching Woody Allen, the master of breaking the fourth wall, and reading Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author.

As far as dramatizations go, I've seen better ones on tv, like Mystery Diagnosis.

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