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Black Ladyboy Slave !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Busty ebony shemale Natassia Dreams makes is naked and so horny.She calls her slave and lets him throat her black shecock.After that,she lets him lick her tight ass before they suck each others cock in 69 position.Finally,she barebacks his tight ass.

black ladyboy slave

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Busty tgirls Aubrey Kate and black Natassia Dreams dominate a guy.Aubrey barebacks him while Natassia facefucks him at the same time.Then Aubrey is analed by Natassia while sucking the guys cock.Aubrey anal rides the guy while jerking off her cock

It was all due to a gorgeous oriental Shemale dancer, Solange, I'd seen earlier in the evening that I, a 23 year man, was standing in an alley in the rain naked except for black hold up stockings and black lace panties. My cock peeped over the top of the panties, glistening with the rain falling upon it.

I walked to and fro in case a video camera gave her a view of me teetering on high heels, legs encased in sheer black stockings with skimpy red G string. People were walking towards me, though still some distance away, how long must I wait, still the gate didn't open.

Just then a car went past and its hooter sounded, it was her driver. The gate opened and I heaved a sigh of relief as I went through, my Mistress was there in a small carriage dressed in a short black leather dress, her sleek legs in long black boots.

From this position I had a clearer view of the manner in which her carriage was propelled, a beautiful dark naked Shemale slave with large glistening firm breasts and a thick cock. She stood in white high heeled bootees with a belt around her waist having two 'cuffs' at the sides to which the carriage shafts were strapped.

The smooth slave wore only a large metal tube around her cock fastened to two rings through her nipples and a strap fixed under her balls to a butt plug which was adorned with a horse's tail. She moved, adjusting her position as Mistress Solange alighted from the carriage, the slave's glistening thighs and pert ass moved like soft swells under silk. The Mistress looked at me in my servile position, I could see that above her boots was a strip of bare flesh, looking higher she was not wearing panties, a delicious cock was on view.

"Trot on Lynx" and the shiny dark She male trotted around in a circle. I struggled to watch from lowered eyes, the chain between her large breasts and cock making both bounce up and down with each footfall. Full breasts swayed as they bounced, the chain automatically pulling her dick and tugging it this way and that as she moved, making her dick rigid within its cage. They stopped in front of me and I was ordered to look upon the slave, to appreciate what I must become.

Our Mistress was too tender to discipline slaves herself and hired her friend 'Chen', a beautiful olive skinned Israeli to drive her and also to head up security and mete out correction. Mistress Chen had been turned away by her former employer for being too sadistic but had promised her friend Solange not to cut or damage a slave, stating the chastisement would proportionate.

I was her unworthy slave and my whole being just wanted to suck her hard cock which, by now, was pushing into my mouth of its own accord. I let it almost escape before sucking it back to lodge in my throat, releasing it slightly to start tonguing the glans again before sucking it back into my mouth.

We are not allowed to fondle, suck or fuck and we always obey our slave orders. Often watching each other shower, as it was the only time we could look at each others cock, hers was dark, long and thick especially when she had soaped it more than it was strictly necessary for cleanliness, doing so because Mistress Chen was in charge of security and she is jealous if Lynx's huge cock.

I usually drape a towel over my arm, using it to shield my half hard tool as I rise to stand behind her to dry her hair and back, we pretend not to notice my cock nudging against her soft round ass cheeks, she would often dry me and I had to be careful her long shaft didn't slip into the cleft of my ass, that would get the Mistress Chen jealous and painful punishment would result. Even towelling we were not allowed to touch below the waist and in true slave fashion our illicit touching was all we dared get away with. 041b061a72


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