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Kelly Diamond NEW!

The Mini Kelly 20 is a discontinued model that is highly sought-after by collectors. The example above was crafted in 1992 and features 18k yellow gold hardware adorned with diamonds. The glossy black exterior paired with the shiny yellow gold accents is a classic combination.

kelly diamond

A substantial frame is the backbone of this machine, holding the disc chains in a diamond pattern. Incredibly well built from heavy-duty high-grade steel box section, the frame is well braced and provides a solid stable platform.

Guaranteed authentic Hermes Kelly Bracelet Small Model set with 539 diamonds.Chic and instantly recognizable this 18k Yellow Gold full set diamond bangle braceletis very difficult to procure. Total carat weight of the diamonds is 3.25 ct.Perfect for everyday wear paired with everything from jeans to a fabulous cocktail dress.Bracelet has signature stamps inside.Comes with signature brown pouch, and Hermes box.NEW or NEVER WORN. final sale SIZE SHBRACELET MEASURESCircumference (interior) 6.2"Width 0.21"CONDITIONNEW or NEVER WORN

One of the great things about R. Kelly's headlining set at the Pitchfork Music Festival was his awesome, diamond-studded microphone that shined with the light of truth throughout the entire crowd. We did some research, and this is a model of microphone called the Million Dollar Mic. It's made by a watch company called Giantto and is made out of white gold with 650 karats' worth of diamonds set into it. The first person to use one of these bad boys was Toni Braxton, and it's also been used by Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Chris Brown. It literally costs a million dollars, so you cannot afford it. Sorry. 041b061a72


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